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Dr. Marilyn Blackston

About Us

Dr. Marilyn is a biblically-based practitioner, focused on improving the Spiritual, Emotional, Mental and Physical Health of clients.
It is her goal to improve the overall health of the whole world, one person at a time. Eventually she intends to reach larger masses via Internet, large conferences and television.

Dr. Marilyn’s mission

Her mission is to educate clients to achieve optimal health with a personalized program.

Why choose Dr. Marilyn’s to work with you on your journey to healthy living?

  • She is client focused.
  • She has a broad range of professional expertise and experience.
  • Her personal experience of healing and healthy living has brought her to a deep appreciation of the journey, the work needed, as well as the importance of having a ‘coach’ to provide support and guidance.
  • She is trained as a physician with additional training in EFT and as a Life Coach.

Let’s Face It” Motivational Speaker
Live A New Life StoryTM Wellness Coach

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