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Dr. Marilyn Blackston

Dr. Marilyn’s Guarantee

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Dr. Marilyn’s Optimal Health Guarantee

Dr. Marilyn offers a program that is unique in the scope of the areas of your life that it reaches. Our program fosters personal responsibility for everything in your life. We want every client to experience optimal health!

We guarantee:

  • Dramatic stress reduction
    • Amazing improvement in your sleep.
    • You will feel well rested throughout your day with energy and enthusiasm.
  • Closer relationships with the people you care about
    • An improved relationship with God and yourself, which translates to your relationship with others.
    • You will learn to trust others to deal with their own stuff. No more ”He won’t do right”.
  • A clearer path to reaching your destiny.
    • Develop a clearer picture of who you are and what your purpose is.
    • Understand your path to fulfilling your purpose and have the determination to do whatever it takes.

What’s more, we will propel you to be a courageous, confident, fit and trim woman who contributes positively to the world! Your life will never be the same!!

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