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Dr. Marilyn Blackston


EFT stands for Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT). It is also referred to as EFT tapping.

It can be used with weight loss or by itself. Some of the issues that are dealt with are healing the inner child, clearing addictions, healing money issues, healing chronic physical issues, clearing procrastination, healing phobias.

EFT makes life lighter and more relaxed.

Once taught the routine, you can heal yourself of many problems.

Tanya Lee’s Testimonial


Before I started the EFT sessions with Dr. Marilyn, I had a lot of anxiety that was causing my business and my life to be in a rut.  I was very cautious about EFT because I didn’t know much about it.  Before I started with Dr. Marilyn, my wife and I did some research about EFT.  Dr. Marilyn sent us articles and websites describing the benefits of EFT.    Through that research we determined it was worth a trial period, although as I told Dr. Marilyn; “parts of this seem really hokey to me”.  Once I started, I noticed that I was sleeping much better right away.  My level of everyday anxiety is markedly decreased because of focused tapping with Dr. Marilyn and learning to tap on my own with the recordings of the sessions we have together that she sent me right after each session.  These are a great tool to use when tapping on my own.


What I appreciate most is Dr. Marilyn’s ability to help me with my Christian faith and my “unbelief” as expressed by what my actions were.  Since working with Dr. Marilyn my self-confidence has improved to the point where events and opportunities that were at one point quite anxious and overwhelming for me are now events and opportunities I’m taking action on. Through a better understanding of my faith and how God intends for all of us to live and thrive, I’m living better and in that way our God intends for us to live.  I’m very grateful for Dr. Marilyn’s help in my life and what has become more of a friendship than the doctor patient relationship.


Thanks Marilyn!  You are a God send!

Thanks again!  God Bless!



I found that the EFT helped to calm me whenever I got upset by something.  It also helped me clear some old issues with food.  I was encouraged to “tap” everyday and found that the tapping helped me clear some physical issues as they came up. I had itching in my legs that would intensify when I scratched it and the tapping made the itch go away. I really appreciated having the knowledge and ability to take care of that immediately.  I got great benefit from the EFT sessions and a great benefit from learning to tap for myself.



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