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Dr. Marilyn Blackston

Group EFT Sessions

Group EFT Sessions is an efficient and economical way to address life’s issues with Tapping. A phenomenon known as borrowed benefits occur during group tapping. When you are part of a group and have brought to the forefront of your mind your issues, these issues clear while you are tapping along with someone else’s issues.

A list of subjects that will be covered in group tapping with Dr. Marilyn are:

Healing the Inner Child  3/31 and 4/8

Clearing the Clutter  4/28 and 5/6

Overcoming Food Addictions  6/9 and 6/17

Getting Past Procrastination  5/12 and 5/20

Stop the Self-Sabotage  5/26 and 6/3

Gentle Self-Care  4/14 and 4/22

Removing the Tower of Shame  3/17 and 3/25

All sessions are $50 each. To sign up, go to Group EFT Sessions – Sign Up









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