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        “I do not want anyone to die”, says the Lord God. “so change your heart ad lives so you may live.”     Ezekiel 18:32 (NCV)

Do not be shaped by this world, instead be change within by new way of thinking.  Then you will be able to decide what God wants for you, you will know what is good and pleasing to him and what is perfect.    Romans 12:2(NCV)


Our country has an epidemic of obesity and unhealthy lifestyles.  It seems the more we talk about it, the worse it gets.  In the 25 plus years that I have been helping women to lose weight, I have found that losing the weight is achievable.  However, I have seen many times how people sacrifice and work hard to lose a massive amount of weight only to gain it all back plus more.  I realize now that IT IS NOT WHAT YOU ARE EATING, IT IS ABOUT WHAT IS EATING YOUI!

We live in a very fast paced and stressful society.  It has been shown in recent research that all things being equal, high stress levels causes weight gain in women.  That means it takes more that a healthy diet and exercise to maintain a healthy weight.  Our mindsets need to be changed first.

My answer comes from the Bible, God’s Word that guides us to a healthy way of living.  Both of the above scriptures describe the association with changing our lives and our thinking in order to live healthy, fulfilling lives.  We will surely die of disease too early if we don’t change the way we live.  The question is how do we achieve the excellent health that we want.? It takes hard work, a commitment to eliminate many activities in our lives., a dedication to look at ourselves and our lifestyles in a whole different way.

The first step is to delve into the Word of God to be sure that our belief system is healthy.  We have believed many untruths that are killing us. We need to learn how God sees us so that our own self-assessments align with God’s view.  Do you know what your purpose is?  We spend several weeks dealing with finding what your God given dream is. In my experience, once the purpose is discovered (or rediscovered) and the person begins to walk in their destiny, the excess weight just falls off effortlessly.  A person with a commitment to God’s purpose for them, are not controlled by food.  They feel that they have a mission to accomplish and realize that they need to be healthy to fulfill it.  Their behavior changes to be in alignment with their calling.

Interested?  Check out the whole website.  Then make an appointment for a Life Changing Complimentary Consultation to explore how we can help you renew you thinking and your health.


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